The Top 10 Benefits of Double Glazing

Winter is coming… 

And so are your brand new double glazed windows. 

But why should you be so excited about double glazing? 

We have the answers! 

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should be ecstatic about getting double glazed windows installed. 

Oh, you said you’re getting double glazed doors too? 

Even better. You’re in for a treat! And here’s why:

You’ll be warmer for winter and a lot more comfortable in summer

There is absolutely no doubt that double glazing provides much better insulation for your property than traditional glazing. Double glazed windows and doors provide a better barrier to the outside temperamental Scottish weather. As a result, in winter the cold air will stay out keeping you warm and cosy for longer. Whereas in summer, any extreme heat will stay outside keeping you more comfortable and cooler. Essentially, you’ll be privy to better temperatures inside your property all year long.

Double glazing will save you a pretty penny

As you may have guessed, with better property insulation your energy bills will decrease, saving you money. How? This is an easy one. Double glazing uses two panes of glass, which significantly reduces the amount of heat the enters or exits your home. This means, you won’t need to turn the heating on as much throughout the year. Less heating means less money spent on energy bills. That’s a big win.

Double glazing is better for the environment

We all know it’s extremely important to reduce our impact on the environment. As we’ve said above, double glazing means much better temperature control. By reducing our need to use heating within our properties, we reduce our energy consumption, which in turn reduces our carbon footprint and is overall better for the environment. Now that’s a double win!

You’ll be safe and sound, and the sentimental or expensive items in your home will be too

We’re talking about property security. Due to the thickness, or should we say the extra barrier of glass that comes with double glazed windows or doors, they are much harder (and noisier!) to break compared to traditional glazing. They are also a lot harder to forcefully open from the outside. This makes your property way less appealing to potential burglars or intruders. The security benefits of double glazing are seriously second to none.

Condensation will be reduced significantly

In our last blog post we explained why condensation is something to be wary of. It can cause mould, mildew, and potentially lead to health issues. Thankfully, double glazing significantly reduces condensation within your property due to the improved insulation it provides.

Double glazing is easy to maintain

Okay, we need to do some myth busting here! Some people assume that double glazing can make it harder to clean and maintain your windows and doors, but this is a fallacy. All you need to do is occasionally wipe your double glazed window and door frames with soapy water, and they will last you for years.

Interior damage will no longer be a concern

If you keep any belongings in your home close to windows and doors, they can often be negatively affected by those pesky UV rays from the sun. We’re talking about fading, and nobody wants faded furniture or decor in their home. One huge benefit of double glazing is that it reduces the amount of UV radiation that gets into your home, thus protecting your decor and furniture.

Double glazing provides more privacy and a quieter home

If you have ever lived on a busy street, next to noisy neighbours, or near a train station or airport, you’ll know how important it is for your home to keep the outside world just that, out. Due to the extra layer of glass, double glazed windows and doors provide sound protection for your property. Less noise from the outside will be heard, and you’ll get more privacy in your home. What a relief!

Let’s be honest, double glazing looks good!

There’s no hiding it, double glazed windows and doors look great. There is nothing that damages the appeal of a property more than old, worn, and ineffective windows. With double glazing, there are loads of style options, so you can get a frame to match your taste. You’ll not only be more proud of your property, but you’ll increase its curb appeal.

Your property will increase in value

Installing double glazed windows and doors will not only make your property look better and save you money on energy, but they will also make it a much more comfortable place to be. This is obviously way more appealing to potential buyers if you are considering selling up. In short, you will get more money for your property, making double glazing an even more appealing investment.

Ah, so you haven’t actually decided whether you’re going to go ahead with those double glazed windows or doors yet? Well, hopefully these benefits have won you over.

If you do have any questions about double glazing or would like to explore your options, we can help. Just click here to get in touch with us today.