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Bi-fold, Sliding & French Doors

Transform your room and way of living by installing new patio doors into your home or business premises. At Mark Smith Glazing we can supply and install bifold, sliding or French doors in buildings throughout Scotland.

All our doors are stylish, energy efficient and secure. You can choose a style that suits your room with a frame of your choice. Aluminium frames have the slimmest profile and are strong enough for the largest bi-folding doors. However, we can also provide beautiful doors with wood or uPVC frames.

aluminium bi-fold doors - Mark Smith Glazing Edinburgh
glass bi-folding doors - Mark Smith Glazing Edinburgh

Bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors have been very popular for a number of years now. They can be as small as 2 panes of glass that fold to one side or you can have a whole wall of glass made up of several panes.

Clients like this option because they can open up their home to their outside space. The slight disadvantage is that you need space on one side, on the inside or outside of your home to stack the doors when they are open.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors are now making a come-back. As they don’t need the ability to fold they have more glass and less frame which provides a better view when closed. In Scotland, it is likely that they will be closed more than fully open. Another benefit is that they don’t require stacking space at the side.

The downside compared to bi-fold doors is that you can’t open up the glass area completely as they are fixed on their runner.

glass sliding doors - Mark Smith Glazing Edinburgh
glazed french doors - Mark Smith Glazing Edinburgh

French doors

French doors can be ideal for smaller spaces as you can open both doors to have the full double door area open. However, they are also popular for large areas by including fixed glass panes on either side.

At Mark Smith Glazing we are confident we can supply a solution that is perfect for your home or business. Please get in touch for a quote or for further information on all the options we can offer.

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