Should your windows be cleaned in winter?

Winter window cleaning in Edinburgh sounds delightful, doesn’t it? It’s probably the last thing you want to think about when it’s cold and icy outside. However, keeping your gorgeous glazed windows clean is essential for not only giving your windows the longest lifespan possible, but for helping you to keep warm and cosy during the colder months too.

hand with scraper cleaning window glass

Ideally, your windows won’t need cleaning if you got to them just before the winter spell hit. However, if they are looking a little worse for wear, it is much better to bite the bullet and give them a clean now rather than let your windows get damaged, or even worse, let the dirty windows minimise the amount of sunlight coming into your property when it is freezing outside. 

We’ve put together a list of tips and tricks to think about if you are going to tackle cleaning your windows this winter. We hope they help, and of course, if you need any support with window maintenance or replacement, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here.

Thermometer on snow shows low temperatures under zero. Low temperatures in degrees Celsius and fahrenheit. Cold winter weather twenty under zero.

Timing is everything

The day you chose to clean your windows on is important. Namely, the weather on this day is what you need to watch out for, and the weather on the following couple of days is important too. Be sure to pick a day that isn’t too cold, windy, or icy. Essentially, we don’t want any rain, ice, or snow appearing. Other than the day, you also need to choose a time of day that isn’t too sunny. The best time of day to give your windows a clean is when it is shady or overcast outside. Thankfully, we live in Edinburgh, so finding a day like that shouldn’t be too hard. This will help avoid any streaks from appearing. 

Close-up of woman cleaning windows, hands in rubber protective gloves, rag and sprayer detergent

Prepare, prepare, prepare 

Before getting stuck in to clean your windows, you’ll need to make sure you’ve cleaned the grooves within the window frames. Use either a spray or cleaning liquid to remove any dust, debris, or dirt that has built up. If we leave this grime to build up too much, it can impact window mechanisms that allow your windows to open and close. You know what we said about window lifespan earlier? Sadly, we weren’t joking. If dirt is left in your window frame tracks, it will not only negatively impact the long-term health of your windows, but it will also make them harder to clean by potentially spreading a lovely muddy mess across the windows themselves. Sounds delightful, doesn’t it?

Man washing hands in bathroom sink at home checking temperature touching running water with hand. Closeup on fingers under hot water out of a faucet of a sink.

Think about temperature

Water temperature is important when washing your windows. Believe it or not, but if the water is too hot when it’s cold outside, hot water can cause the cold glass to crack. What’s worse than dirty windows? Broken ones! Obviously, for our own comfort it would be great to avoid using cold water on cold windows as well. Long story short, warm water is your best bet for cleaning your windows with care. Throw on a pair of rubber gloves while cleaning too, to protect your hands and make it that little bit more comfortable.

A hand in a latex protective glove holds a spray bottle on a yellow background. Cleaning concept.

Care about cleaning liquid

If you care about your windows, you care about the liquid you use to clean them with. If it isn’t too cold outside, you can use a regular window cleaning solution as per normal. However, if it is chilly outside, it is best to use a freeze-resistant cleaner. The best we’d suggest is using a windscreen washing solution diluted with water. Even though these solutions were created for cars, they are wonderful for cleaning any type of glass. Another option is using rubbing alcohol mixed with water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid. 

Rolls of paper towels on table indoors

Wipe to avoid streaks

Streaks are the worst! Especially if you’ve just spent half an hour cleaning windows and streaks appear. So we want to do our best to avoid this from happening. Some people believe newspapers are great for cleaning windows, but they can leave marks on the frame and have the potential to cause light scratches. Our tip? Use standard kitchen towel. They’re soft, absorbent, and will leave your windows shiny and streak free. As you wash the windows ensure you wash in circular movements, from the outsides of the window towards the centre of the window. That way you’re guaranteed to have the best looking windows on your street.

Get in touch with us for your window maintenance needs

The best window maintenance will help ensure they last as long as possible. Not only is it important to regularly clean your windows, but it’s extremely important that any damaged glass or frames are fixed as soon as you notice them. That’s where we come in. We may not clean your windows for you, but we can certainly help when you need windows fixed or replaced. To find out  more about how we can help you keep your windows well maintained, get in touch with us today.