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Increase the value of your home, save money on your bills and more with cost effective & stylish uPVC solutions from Mark Smith Glazing, Edinburgh.

uPVC Windows and Doors - Mark Smith Glazing Edinburgh

As well as traditional glazing services, Mark Smith Glazing are now one of Edinburgh’s largest providers of energy-efficient uPVC windows and doors helping customers reduce their energy bills.

“A staggering 26% of all domestic heat loss escapes through the windows but by installing our made to measure energy efficient windows and doors there are fantastic savings to be made on your heating bills. Our stylish range of quality made uPVC windows are A+ rated as standard and are available in a variety of styles such as Sash and Case, Tilt and Turn or Casement. Specifically designed to prevent heat loss making your home more energy efficient, our uPVC windows and doors will ensure your home is both warmer and quieter while helping you to save money on energy bills.”



uPVC windows and doors are fantastic value for money

When it comes to our homes, we are looking for superior quality for a great price. Houses are expensive – from the buying, to the furnishing and decorating, to the paying of day-to-day bills. By opting for uPVC windows and doors you can save some pennies in comparison to aluminium or timber equivalents.

Even though uPVC installs are cost effective, they still do a great job at adding value to your home and can impress potential buyers (If you plan to sell) with their modern and durable appeal.


uPVC windows and doors offer impressive energy efficiency. The plastic frames to do a great job at retaining heat while also preventing cold air and drafts from entering your home or business. If you look at is closely you could even end up saving a considerable amount of money on household energy bills.


uPVC is an impressively strong and sturdy, in most cases for up to ten years, making these products more hardwearing than other traditional materials.


*Glazing geek FACT:

‘PVC is short for un-plasticised polyvinyl chloride. It is used most commonly in the construction of windows, doors, guttering and pipes, wrapped around a galvanised steel core of the former items for exceptional strength’

Unlike metal or wood, which can rust and warp over time, Plastic has its advantage and uPVC will retain its shape and strength for years to come.

uPVC can help to protect your home or business against the often unpleasant weather we are custom to here in the UK, especially with those strong sea winds on the East coast, Portobello being a perfect example!

Sunset view of Edinburgh's Portobello Beach with wooden groynes. Scotland, United Kingdom

It’s totally waterproof, so you needn’t worry about damp or leaks. Furthermore, because uPVC isn’t affected by temperature (unlike wood and metal), your windows and doors will always open and close smoothly.


uPVC windows and doors are extremely easy to maintain, offering a wipe-clean surface that won’t rot or rust. Because uPVC is available in a range of colours, there’s no need for paint either, which means your doors and windows won’t flake or chip. To freshen up your uPVC installations, all it takes is a once over with an all surface cleaner and a cloth.

View our full range of colours here marks218.sg-host.com/downloads/

We have covered the practicalities of uPVC installations but they are also aesthetically pleasing and there are lots of styles and colours available to suit your property, home or office.

It’s also worth noting that uPVC frames can now be finished with woodgrain effects, which makes them perfect for traditional properties. This also helps to encourage people who are updating particularly old windows and doors, as the jump to uPVC isn’t such a stark contrast.

To arrange a quotation or site visit to discuss your uPVC requirements you can contact us below. Alternatively take a look at some of our links on our website for more information: marks218.sg-host.com/upvc-windows/


Mark Smith Glazing Edinburgh


Portobello’s Mark Smith Glazing are Edinburgh’s go-to glazing company having built a highly regarded reputation for our innovative and quality-led craftsmanship, fine attention to detail, transparent pricing, and excellent customer care to residents and businesses across Edinburgh, The Lothian’s and further afield, throughout Scotland.

Delighting customers with all types of domestic and commercial glazing including replacement double glazed units, polished mirrors, balustrades, balconies, cupolas, aluminium patio doors and shop fronts.

“Our success is absolutely dependent on our reputation, so we do everything we can to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied regardless of whether they be a national house builder or someone looking for a small piece of picture glass. We provide solutions that suit all lifestyles and budgets and are proud to have successfully completed private residential installations and large commercial projects throughout Scotland.”

You can find us on Portobello High Street and will always be welcomed with a friendly face and a nice cup of coffee.

uPVC Windows and Doors - Mark Smith Glazing Edinburgh
uPVC Windows and Doors - Mark Smith Glazing Edinburgh