A Station Worth Shouting About

In our last blog post we highlighted a few of Scotland’s impressive glazed buildings, however we didn’t mention the third largest glazed structure in the UK, which is right on our doorstep. Do you know the iconic building we’re talking about? 

We’ll give you a hint: most of us travel through it or walk under it at least a few times a year.

Waverley railway station in Edinburgh

That’s right, and just in case the photo didn’t give it away, we’re talking about Edinburgh Waverley Station. We think that’s pretty impressive and definitely something worth shouting about.

In 2012, the very last (24,700th to be exact!) pane of glass was fitted into Edinburgh Waverley Station’s new roof. The roof covers an area the size of 8 football pitches! Can you believe it?

With this in mind, we thought we should mention a few of the other reasons why our iconic train station is so great. Here are a few to get you started, but of course, if you think of any other reasons that should be added to the list, hit us up on ​Facebook​ or ​Instagram​. We’d love to hear from you.

Edinburgh Waverley Station is named after a ​series of novels

One of the most renowned Scot’s to walk the earth, Sir Walter Scott, back in the 1800s published a series of novels called the ​Waverley Novels.

Several deal with different phases of Scottish history, and were known for their depiction of everyday people and their use of regional Scottish dialect. Och aye! Both Waverley Station and Waverley Bridge were named after the books, along with towns in North America, and suburbs in Melbourne, Australia.​

If it’s good enough for Marvel, it’s good enough for us

Back in early 2017, Marvel’s ​Avengers: Infinity War​ was partly filmed in Edinburgh’s Old Town and in, you guessed it, Edinburgh Waverley Station. The shoot was thought to be the biggest filming project ever to hit Scotland – worth millions! We just feel awful for when ​Wanda and Vision​ crash through that beautifully glazed roof of the station just ​during​ the memorable superhero fight. That poor glass…


It is the second largest station in the UK, and the biggest in Scotland

Okay, so it’s not the busiest station in Scotland, but it is the biggest. With three more platforms than Glasgow Central, Edinburgh Waverley Station is the country’s largest railway station and still sees around 30,000 passengers a day passing through. It is also the second largest in the entire UK. We’re definitely not overcompensating for anything, our station is just better, and the glass roof is too!

Historic buildings in the city centre of Edinburgh - ScotlandMark Smith Glazing Edinburgh

The clock that always runs ​ahead of time​ so passengers don’t miss their trains

We thought we’d throw this one in as a bonus because it is pretty cool. Originally built as the North British Station Hotel, The Balmoral sits right next to Edinburgh Waverley Station on Princes Street and was a popular luxury stay back in the early 1900s for people travelling by train. With its iconic clock towering above the street, the time was always set ​ahead of time​ (and still does by about 3 minutes) to ensure travellers were on time for their trains. The only occasion that the time is correct is on New Years Eve.

So the next time you see The Balmoral clock and think you’re running late, just breathe, you might not actually be that late.