The best time to check your doors and windows is now

With Autumn officially only one day away, we thought we would share why now is the best time to ensure that the windows and doors in your home or business premises are in tip top shape.

We all like being cosy and warm in the colder months, and with autumn here (well, almost), that also means winter is coming… and it’s about to get a whole lot colder. Being inside a building in winter with old, inefficient, and ineffective windows and doors can not only be costly but leave us feeling rather chilly and uncomfortable. That’s certainly not good for relaxing at home, or being effective at work.

So, before the cold spell really hits, now is the perfect time to get prepared. We have some top tips for looking at your existing windows and doors in both your home and business premises to ensure they’re up to the task of keeping you warm, cosy, and productive this coming winter. Not forgetting the money it could save you.

There are many things to look out for to check whether your doors and windows are in shape for the colder months. In short, what we want to avoid is condensation, a lack of insulation, and regular draughts inside your property. All of these issues not only cause higher heating bills and all round discomfort, but have the potential to cause costly property repairs with the build up of black mould or rot. Now, who wants that? Nobody!

Condensation conundrum

If you haven’t already experienced it, condensation is something that everyone living in Scotland will most likely experience in their home or business property at some point. It is caused by the surface temperature of the window being cooler than the air inside the room. The fact is, since we are in Scotland and due to our lovely weather, it is unlikely that your property will ever be completely free of condensation, but on the plus side, it can be reduced significantly. We want to reduce it to the point where you don’t end up cleaning up puddles of water from inside your property, or having to pay for expensive repairs from the build-up of black mould or rot.

In need of insulation?

Building insulation is also important to consider when looking at your windows and doors. Insulation is like wrapping a big warm blanket around your property helping you maintain the temperature inside at the desired level. Without insulation, you could lose up to half of the heat in your property through the roof, walls, windows, doors, and floor. When it gets cold, we want to keep heat in, not lose it! So ensuring windows and doors are secure so little air can escape is also extremely important.

Down with draughts

No one likes the idea of sitting inside your home or workplace in winter with a cold draught wafting through the air. Aside from being uncomfortable, and downright cold, draughts inside your property when it is all closed up for warmth is a key indication that you have an issue. This can cause not only both condensation and insulation problems, but cost you more money in heating bills over winter.

Checks and considerations before the cold kicks in

So, other than cool air seeping in through your closed property, what do you look for when checking your windows and doors are in good shape for winter? There are a few signs to look out for. Firstly, look for any cracks, gaps, or wearing in and around all doors and windows. This includes within the door, the sealant surrounding your windows, the window and door frames, as well as the glazing itself. This is a good indicator that you need a repair or a replacement.

The other consideration is the age of your windows and doors, and the type of glazing that has been used. Often older glazing is not as good of quality, this also goes for the sealant holding the window in place. If your windows or doors are single glazed, this means it is also more prone to causing condensation and insulation issues in your property. It may be time for an upgrade to get some extra insulation with either double glazing, or even secondary glazing in your property as an alternative.

We can help

If you think your windows and doors need some TLC or just a straight-up replacement, we can help.

We are one of Edinburgh’s leading glazing providers and have worked hard to earn a well-deserved reputation for our quality craftsmanship, competitive and transparent pricing, reliability, and sensitivity to our customers’ needs.

We can not only replace your windows and doors, but as Scotland’s most trusted suppliers and installers of glass and double glazing services, we also offer an excellent repair service with a quick response and turnaround time.

Close your windows and doors during winter this year, and get in touch with us today.